Fire Safety

Lushmeadows has its own Community Wildfire Protection Plan. The Fire Safe Council is requesting input for the plan

Lushmeadows is one of 15 communities in Mariposa County outlined in the Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP). Currently it is being updated with a completion date sometime in mid 2020. This plan is a complex look at Wildfire Protection with input from over 10 public safety organizations.

Protect your home by creating a lean, clean and green zone in the area of 30 feet immediately surrounding your home. Remove all flammable vegetation and any dead or dying plants within 30 feet of each building or structure. You may keep single trees or other vegetation that are trimmed of all dead and dying foliage and are well pruned and maintained.

Create a reduced fuel zone in the remaining 70 feet (or to the property line).

Three inch reflective address numbers against a contrasting background is what emergency service personnel require. Post your address number at the end of your driveway, and at any fork in the driveway. Make sure the address is clearly visible from 100 feet in both directions of travel from the roadway. The sign should be installed approximately 4 feet in height off the ground, and no higher than 6 feet.

living lightly

This booklet, Welcome to the Foothills, A Guide to Living Lightly in Mariposa County, is a starting point for information to help you effectively take care of your property, provide for personal safety and live in harmony with the flora, fauna and your human neighbors. The booklet is free, and available by calling Kris Randal at 209-966-3431, ext. 2, or visit the Mariposa County Resource Conservation District office.

A companion publication, Living in the Foothills, by the Natural Resources Conservation Service is also available at the MCRCD office.

Useful Links:

Fire Safe Council
Mariposa County Fire Safe Council
US Forest Service, Sierra National Forest

Protect Your Home - Information Checklist


Phone numbers:

Fire Prevention Information: 209 966 3622
Fire Location Information: 209 966 3803
Burn Day information: 209 966 1200