The LM Association

Board Meetings

An invitation to join your neighbors and friends at our Board of Directors monthly meetings to foster community spirit, and open communication to address issues and concerns.
Second Wednesdays at 7pm at the Clubhouse.

History of Lushmeadows

lushmeadows signThe Lushmeadows Ranch Barns were built by the Preston Foundation of Los Angeles in 1943. The plan was to have a mountain dairy and milking barn and sell "exotic milk" in Los Angeles. It did not happen. The Barns were then sold to a judge and two lawyers out of Los Angeles who used it as a playground. Decker Enterprises purchased the Barns a short time later and planted a large apple orchard. They planted three varieties of apples: Jonathans, Yellow Delicious and Red Delicious. These apples were used for a wonderful tasting mixture of apple juice and sold under the name of Lushmeadows Mountain Grown Apple Juice.