Dawn and Mallard Lakes

Lushmeadows Estates has two beautiful lakes within the neighborhood - Dawn and Mallard Lakes. They are both available for the enjoyment of members and their guests. Dry hydrants are installed at both lakes to give fire fighters a quick and easy access to a large supply of water.

dawn lake

Dawn Lake is located off Clouds Rest and Sierra Pines Drive. Surrounded by pine and oak trees, Dawn Lake is the home to many birds. One can see bluebirds, killdeer, grebes, coots, Canadian geese, great blue herons, little green herons, ring neck ducks, and many more. A winding trail loops around the entire lake. There are bathrooms, an outdoor shower, picnic tables, an enclosed playground, BBQ stands, a swimming beach, and a raft. Fishing is available, and no license is required. The cost for camping is $15 per night for guests of members, and free for members. A reservation is recommended for large groups.

Mallard Lake is located next to the Clubhouse, near the entrance to Lushmeadows. Picnic tables are available next to the Clubhouse. No license is required for fishing at Mallard Lake.

aerial view

Both lakes are accessible for walking in, but a gate key is required to drive up to the lakes. There is a lossed key replacement fee of $25.

The aerial photo at the left shows Mallard Lake and the Clubhouse.

We request that you do not feed the wildlife, especially ducks, at the lake. It reduces their ability to care for themselves, and causes them to lose their natural fear of humans. Feeding big game mammals such as deer and bears is illegal in California.



Beaver Damage at Dawn Lake ( photo by Skip Skyrud)







            Ellis trimming a tree by the clubhouse 1/2011 ( photo by Skip Skyrud)