Board of Directors


An invitation to join your neighbors and friends at our Board of Directors monthly meetings to foster community spirit, and open communication to address issues and concerns.

We meet the second Wednesday of the month, 7pm at the Clubhouse.


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In order to facilitate Board Meetings, Board members and Resident's are encouraged to use our Agenda Format and e-mail it to the Board President,  Alicia Finley.


Documents (Agendas, Minutes, Financials, Etc...)

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Lushmeadows Fire Safety

Clubhouse is CLOSED because of tree damage!


Lushmeadows St. Patricks Day Party - CANCELED!


July 9th, 2022


2022 membership vote results

All 4 items voted on by membership passed. We will be updating the online Governing Documents, By-Laws and CC&R’s, in the next 30 days. 
2022 New Rules and Regulations are being drafted this month.
Please direct any questions or comments to the Documents Committee Chair @ 966-4825.

May 29th, 2022

DAWN LAKE HAS A NEW CAMP HOST - I am happy to announce that we have a new camp host at Dawn Lake. Max was with us for a bit back in 2020 but had to leave the area for a while. Max is there to help campers and to check to see that this private community area is for members and their friends. We will continue to ensure that the gate stays closed and locked to prevent outsiders from coming in during these wonderful summer months.

New LMA Rules & Regulations 2020 were adopted on Nov 11th, 2020.  Please contact the Clubhouse at 966-4611 for your email copy. Leave a message with your email address.  

Those that don’t have email will be mailed a copy.



Come Share the Beauty of Lushmeadows

dawn lake


With family, friends, and neighbors.
Climb our hills, share woodland paths
with deer, and all creatures
Great and small.
Enjoy our lakes, and
Birds of the air.
Come share evening skies splashed,
With crimson sunsets,
Moon drenched meadows,
Starlit nights,
Majestic storms.



Kidding Around at Dawn Lake Playground





apple orchard

An Apple Orchard

The Lushmeadows Ranch Barns were built by the Preston Foundation of Los Angeles in 1943. The plan was to have a mountain dairy and milking barn and sell "exotic milk" in Los Angeles. It did not happen. The Barns were then sold to a judge and two lawyers out of Los Angeles who used it as a playground.... more

Important Phone Numbers


LM Clubhouse: 209 966 4611

Gate Key Information: Diane & William Dudley

Propane - Campora: 559 683 4648
(Lushmeadows group rate)

Dist 4
Supervisor - Wayne Forsythe: 209 966 3222

Dist 5
Supervisor - Miles Menetrey 209 966 3222

Lushmeadows Association, Inc
5979 Meadow Lane
Mariposa, CA 95338